Food Truck Commissary

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Home Base Access: $250/mo

The Food Hub has many resources available to Food Trucks that make it their home base. Join the community and enjoy the benefits:

  • Notarized Commissary Letter

  • Grease Dumping

  • Water Fill-Up

  • Designated camera monitored parking space

  • 220V Electricity Charging

  • Designated Mailbox

  • Cold/Dry Storage

  • 3 Compartment Sink

  • Commercial Dishwasher

  • Whole Hog-sized Meat Smoker

  • Complimentary herbs from the garden and farm

  • Mid-Week Market sales spot

  • Discounted Commissary Kitchen hours

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Commissary Letter Access: $250/yr

San Antonio requires all food trucks to have a designated spot where they can dispose of grease and fill-up water called a commissary. This membership is the same deal offered elsewhere in the city, just in a more convenient downtown location. Includes:

  • Notarized Commissary Letter

  • Grease Dumping

  • Water Fill-Up

Are you or a business you know interested in our mobile vending commissary? Contact us and come get a tour!