The LocalSprout Food Hub is a collaborative environment for small food businesses to make their products, equipped with a large solar array and edible landscaping.  They specialize in local sourcing and premium quality, and together contribute to create a unique food ecosystem. 


Pulp Coffee - A premium private label coffee roasting company that custom blends and roasts for other companies

Madge's Food Company - fermentation specialists who make pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, and their famous Bloody Mary mix

Deep River Specialty Foods - a producer of high-quality mustards, jellies, sauces, and healthy baked goods

Southern Grit Flavor - a barbecue, barbecue sauce, and beignet maker that specializes in catering and markets


RiceRise makes creamy rice puddings of many different flavors

Asad Building Photo.jpg

Texas Black Gold Garlic uses a controlled temperature and humidity environment to make black garlic, which is delicious in dishes from stuffed mushrooms to popcorn to ice cream. 

Black Garlic.png

JD's Chili Parlor produces savory chili made from local free-range meat, along with decadent mac and cheese, enchilada sauces, and hash brown bowls. 

JD's Chili Photo.JPG

Cyclo Fiesta is a pedal pub that brings guests on tours of downtown paired with local beer


Peaceful Pork, a free range heritage hog ranch, stores and distributes their products from the Food Hub

Peaceful Pork.jpg