Our Customers

Humble House Foods sells their pesto, hummus, and tapenade at Pearl Farmers Market every Saturday morning. Our Genovese Basil is the core of their smooth pesto, bolstered by Parmesan and fresh garlic. 




The Hoppy Monk offers a fun atmosphere to enjoy anything from food, a large selection of beer, cocktails and spirits to cigars and wine. Enjoy our kale in their kale and pork cheek "croutons" and fried goat cheese salads. 



The Esquire Tavern is the oldest bar on the river walk and serves excellent food, cold beer, and great cocktails. Try their Snakeskin Suit, Alligator Boot cocktail that includes our kale for an unique taste.


 Pharm Table promotes a primarily plant based diet, fresh and local platform for their customers. Sign up for one of their cooking classes or their weekly meal packs to try our delicious hydroponic kale. 



The Monterey uses our kale in a variety of their dishes. Go try their menu that changes daily and enjoy a dining experience that is truly unique. 



Urth Juice Bar blends up smoothies and juices to provide invigorating, healthy beverages to everyone. Our kale is a vital ingredient to their Hot Lei, Beetox, Grassy Knoll, and Gremlin Juices.


Citrus is located at Hotel Valencia on the riverwalk and offers an imaginative menu. Our thai basil is used in their roasted beet salad. 



Bar Du Mon Ami uses our herbs to create cocktails that are distinctive and savory.



Greenling offers home delivery of local and organic meals and groceries to central Texas and Houston.


Freshpoint is North America's leading produce distributor that buys our produce to offer fresh delivery everyday.